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Sep. 17th, 2013


Some Idea

In October I'm going to New York Comic Con, which is my first time there and also my first time in NYC since high school (10+ years). I was thinking of bringing a notebook and taking extensive notes on everything we see and do. Even though the majority of my time spent there will be happening at the con, you know I can't resist a good fairy story, so I'll potentially be developing New York in a way that others can't see it...

It'll be my first time writing a real place like that. Most of the time I write descriptive locations that could be Anywhere, USA (or Europe), or otherworld villages that I can basically make up entirely. I have a resident penpal who would probably (likely!) be willing to help me if I had any questions about culture...

But I'm still not sure if that's what I'm writing. As usual, I have no story idea, no plot or characters, just a hint of what I might want this novel to look like. I see green fairies during the day, blue and purple in the evenings, and the dust glows in the moonlight. It looks like ashes in the sun, but the fairies don't mind the heat.

I'm too busy this month to sit down and think about this. Instead, I'll try to eliminate the words "really," "very," and "like" from my vocabulary while I write emails and letters. They've stuck to everything.

Sep. 5th, 2013


That Time of Year, eh?

It's that time of year.

I have sketches of ideas in my head but nothing concrete. Thinking of rebelling and just knocking out a couple short stories, but I know in the end any time I plan to do that, I always end up embellishing...

Who's with me? You can follow my Twitter @upandonmyway, though I won't be updating about writing until probably about mid-October.

Dec. 10th, 2012


(no subject)

Head's up -- if you won anything from nanoljers that I'm supposed to give you, please please email me at mi@wherewerewe.org. Only one person has contacted me :p

I've still been writing but I haven't been counting words or anything... I have about half a chapter left and then I can start wrapping up Luke's story; Dylan's is getting harder but I think I'm just going to have to rewrite most of it anyway... and Andy's is basically done, I mean, it needs probably one more chapter. Still excited and still working on it! December got busier than I expected because I have about five or six handmade gifts going out this year :)

Nov. 29th, 2012


Progress: Day 29


So there. :P

All of the non-writing I've done this week has kind of sucked, but I'm pretty happy with the results so far. I still have quite a bit of writing to do before I FINISH (as I mentioned last post, maybe 5-6 more chapters) but today while I was writing I tied together two pieces that I couldn't figure out how to make 'fit.' They're small, but they bring the whole novel together much better and more understandably (I think). I'm pretty damn excited about this. Even though it may not be well written, everyone is based on someones real, so I know that most of it is at least believable. (Someones because most of them aren't just one person.)

So look at me! More than half of my circles will be purple!

Sunday I plan to finish off Luke (I hope) and maybe write one or two more Andy chapters, whatever's necessary... (Probably no more than two.) And then next week I can finish off Dylan during work. Super excited to actually have another novel FINISHED. It'll only be my second! And the first was awful! :D That's a bigger accomplishment to me than getting 50k in one month... I know I can write 50k++ in one month, but I've rarely been able to actually FINISH a novel, so I'd really love it if I kept pushing myself to do that next month! Wish me luck!

Nov. 26th, 2012


Progress: Day 26

Word Count: 47,903
Written Today: 4,321 (awesome)

Okay, I know it's November 26 and not December 1, but I couldn't actually continue this storyline without rewriting a little bit. I kept all the old stuff (and in fact broke some of it by stealing a few paragraphs here and there) for my word count but Dylan hasn't been written in for so long (almost 3 weeks!) because I had a really strong first week, but then his story morphed into something other than what it was as Andy's storyline continued after work. I kept trying to force it, to keep going with the new idea but there was really no way to integrate it into what it was before.

So instead, today, I opened up Microsoft Word and started writing on page 16 of 31 (at the time) and just... rewrote a lot of what happens in Dylan's storyline. I am much MUCH happier with it now, and I didn't repeat a ton of paragraphs (mostly thoughts, if they applied to the new circumstances) so I way way boosted my word count :)

I'm probably about halfway through Dylan's storyline now again but I'm on a way better track than before. Luke's is almost done, I'll just need two more full weekends day of writing to finish his (so I've finished all I can do in November!); Andy can't really continue without another booster pack from Dylan's, but I think he only needs about one or two more chapters and then that will be fully completed. Hopefully I can get those out some evenings this week!

Though I'm not positive I'll do anything with this (even though I have a lot of plans for it :p) my ONLY two goals for this year were to 'win' and to 'finish.' I think that is generally what most people's goals are, but I didn't expect I'd be writing 'quality' fiction, and I don't expect myself to edit later.

Anyway, I'm 2k from finishing so I'm sure I'll get that out tomorrow... Maybe later today if I think of something else to write! My goal today was to get out of the negative (make up that word count I lost from validating) and also continue until I was where I was before this morning: in the middle of a conversation between Dylan and Ricky, just before they part and Dylan starts to notice the changes he has made in his life by lying. :)

Who's writing/continuing in December?


Okay, when I put it in the validator I lose about 5,000 words, putting me at 43,582. Not too bad! I think there was one year I lost a whole 10k and had the HARDEST time bringing it back up... Five days and today I'm not even going to pretend to do work, since my assignments this week are very easy. I'll come back here and let you know when I've won ;)

Nov. 20th, 2012


Progress: Day 19

Good news! I wrote words yesterday :) I had precisely 1,220 words when I stopped. I haven't written any yet today, but I set aside all things to do it tonight. For now: work. I suppose it's busy, or something.


Nov. 19th, 2012

jet girl

Progress: Getting Back on Track


The 11k last Monday was a good excuse for 1-2 days of break but not for the whole week! I wrote some, less than 2k anyway, once last week and I don't even remember the day... Getting back on track today because I can easily win this thing!

(That last one: Paul Baribeau isn't the reason I didn't write, since his show wasn't until 8:30, but I somehow took that as an excuse not to write anyway...)

I have a good (offline) friend who isn't doing Nanowrimo but who has been texting every 1-3 days asking about my Nano progress. That's a pretty awesome thing to have during a month like this. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to say "words?" and then for me to remember to stop doing whatever I'm doing and sit down to write.

This week is going to be hectic because I have family coming in and staying at my apartment for the holiday, and I haven't cleaned all month because of all the writing I actually did earlier this month ;) My plan is to write during work the 4 days I'm working this week so that if I don't have time after work I at least have SOME words out! Dylan isn't even halfway finished! Andy only needs maybe three more chapters (and then extensive rewrites later) and Luke probably only needs one more day's worth of writing, which I'll do Sunday after everyone is gone. Coming together pretty nicely, but since I've been slacking so much with Dylan's part, he's really lagging behind.

So, speaking of writing during work... :)


Passed 40k! Wrote a whole 1,220 words that will be deleted later (or at the very least, probably rewritten when I go through my rewriting :p)... but hey! I just broke 40k, and I'm in the home stretch :) Even with 'skeleton writing' every day (which is sadly what I end up doing at work so I don't spend too much time on it :p) I only need about 7.5 more days of this -- with 8 working days left and that whole Sunday I mentioned... Pretty excited, guys. It's been a while since I've won! Just gotta stick to it :)

Nov. 15th, 2012


(no subject)

Woot, made a simple cover that has nothing to do with the novel and updated the info on my Nano profile. :) Today is productive! I mean, in everything but writing...

cut for sizeCollapse )

I am SO close to finishing! For me, anything after 25k is hard -- and if I manage to make it after 35k it's EVEN HARDER to continue. Gotta buckle down, write at least Andy's next chapter tonight, even if I have to scrap it later! :p

Progress: Day 14

Wednesday Word Count: 0

Okay, I know, that sucks. I experienced total block last night and instead of writing I cleaned my apartment and started a garden. Towards the end of fall? Sure, why not? ANYTHING'S BETTER THAN WRITING.

But this morning on the drive in to work I think I figured out where I'm stuck. My story kind of evolves backwards.... where Freddie's storyline happens in the past while Dylan's storyline is present. By the end of Freddie's storyline, she's changed a lot (and grown up a lot!) but when she shows up in Dylan's storyline, I've thus far written her with the exact same personality she would have had 5 years previous. I don't want to rewrite anything I already have but it's definitely caused some "now, where am I going to go with this?" sort of questioning. Understanding this timeline failure has also made me realize that when I do a rewrite of Dylan's part (which I'm basically going to have to do anyway for other reasons) I can add so much more to it, so I'm looking forward to that.

Today's during-work writing is probably not going to happen because I have so much work to do, but I've also invented ("borrowed" from real life) a character who will give me some time to hash out where Freddie is in life so when I write more Dylan it'll come together nicer.

That's all for today! Really need to get some work done! :)

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